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A connector is a client library for accessing a resource and its associated asset metadata.

Egeria provides a framework called the Open Connector Framework (OCF) that defines the generic interfaces for writing, configuring and using connectors. A connector has two main APIs:

  • An standard API called getConnectedAssetProperties for retrieving metadata. This API is defined by the OCF.
  • An API for working with the resource itself. This interface is specialized for the type of resource and the use it is being put to.

It is configured using a connection

Specialist connectors

Various Egeria services provide specific interfaces for connectors to specific types of resources. For example, the Open Metadata Integration Services (OMIS) define the interfaces for integration-connectors used to exchange metadata between Egeria and third party technologies.

Virtual connectors

OCF connectors are not limited to representing Assets as they are physically implemented. An OCF connector can represent a simplified logical (virtual) asset, such as a data set, that is designed for the needs of a specific application or tool. This type of connector delegates the requests it receives to one or more physical data resources. It is called a virtual connector and us created using a virtual connection.

Further Information

The connector catalog describes the connectors that are pre-built for the Egeria ecosystem.

The Egeria Developer Guide describes how to write your own connectors.

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