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Governance Service

A governance service is a specialized connector that implements a specific type of governance action.

There are six types of governance services:

The Governance Action Open Metadata Engine Service (OMES) supports the execution of the governance action service. It supports the specialist REST APIs and event handling needed for the specific type of governance action service.

Governance Service Engine Service
Open Discovery Service Asset Analysis OMES
Watchdog Governance Service Governance Action OMES
Verification Governance Service Governance Action OMES
Triage Governance Service Governance Action OMES
Remediation Governance Service Governance Action OMES
Provisioning Governance Service Governance Action OMES

Support for implementing governance services

The interface for the Open Discovery Service is defined by the Open Discovery Framework (ODF) and the rest are defined by the Governance Action Framework (GAF).

These frameworks provide the guidance to developers of new governance services.

Support for running governance services

Related governance services are configured together as a governance engine and they run in the appropriate Open Metadata Engine Service (OMES).

The Governance Engine OMAS provides: * The API to create governance engine definitions for the governance services. * The API to link governance services together into governance action processes. * The metadata support for the Engine Host Services to drive the governance services in an Engine Host OMAG Server.

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