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Installing Egeria

The egeria build process creates the distribution files for Egeria in the open-metadata-distribution module. The assemblies are located from the egeria build directory as follows:

$ cd open-metadata-distribution/open-metadata-assemblies/target
$ ls
archive-tmp                 egeria-3.3-SNAPSHOT-sources.tar.gz
egeria-3.3-SNAPSHOT-distribution        maven-archiver
egeria-3.3-SNAPSHOT-distribution.tar.gz     open-metadata-assemblies-3.3-SNAPSHOT.jar
egeria-3.3-SNAPSHOT-omag-server         rat.txt

The name of the files is determined by the release level of the code that you downloaded from GitHub. In this example, the release is egeria-3.3-SNAPSHOT.

Create a directory for the install and copy the tar file into it. The two commands shown below create an install directory at the same level in the file system as the egeria build library and then copies the egeria distribution file into it.

$ mkdir ../../../../egeria-install
$ cp egeria*-distribution.tar.gz ../../../../egeria-install

These next commands change to the new directory and lists its contents.

$ cd ../../../../egeria-install
$ ls

It is now possible to unpack the tar file.

$ tar -xf egeria-3.3-SNAPSHOT-distribution.tar.gz
$ ls
egeria-3.3-SNAPSHOT-distribution.tar.gz egeria-omag-3.3-SNAPSHOT

A new directory is created called egeria-omag-3.3-SNAPSHOT. Change to this new directory and list its contents as shown below.

$ cd egeria-omag-3.3-SNAPSHOT
$ ls
LICENSE         clients         server
NOTICE          conformance-suite   user-interface

Under server is a directory for the OMAG Server Platform that is used to run open metadata and governance services.

Change to the OMAG server platform's directory.

$ cd server/omag-server*
$ resources             server-chassis-spring-3.3-SNAPSHOT.jar

This means you have completed this tutorial and are ready to choose the next step.

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