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Egeria Webinars

The Egeria community hosts a monthly webinar. Each webinar focuses on a specific audience or issue. For the webinars being planned see the Egeria Wiki page

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Previous webinars

The material for our past webinars is listed below along with links to the recordings.

Beyond cataloguing - December 2021 - Mandy Chessell

Peter Profile from Coco Pharmaceuticals is responsible for cataloging the weekly incoming data from the hospitals that are involved in their latest clinical trial. The data scientists that use the catalog to locate and work with this data are full of praise for Peter's work. However, Peter is getting fed up with the repetitive, time-consuming nature of the cataloguing activity. How can we help Peter to automate this cataloguing and extend the value of the catalog to the organization?

In this session, follow Peter's journey from manual cataloging, to using automated integration and templating to create business relevant catalog entries. He also adds metadata discovery to extract profile information about the incoming data values and enables metadata governance features (such as deduplication) to improve the quality of the catalog. Finally, he creates automated notifications to the stewards responsible for the data if any issues occur that need a human touch.

The result is that Peter is relieved of the tedious cataloguing tasks and Coco Pharmaceuticals sees increased value from their catalog.

Related Documentation
Open Lineage - November 2021 - Mandy Chessell and Ljupcho Palashevski

This session describes how to capture, manage and use lineage.


The Value of Egeria - October 2021 - Mandy Chessell

This session is for people wanting to understand the value of Egeria in enabling data centric, metadata driven integration. The session will start with the core Egeria constructs, including entities, explaining the principles behind why they are as they are. The session will go through the layers and aspects of the Egeria architecture, at each stage talking about the applicability to solving real world problems.

By the end of the session you should have awareness of the parts of Egeria at a high level; why they have been implemented that way and the value that each piece brings.

Visualising a metadata ecosystem - September 2021 - David Radley

This session is for people looking to understand the metadata across their ecosystem in terms of the Egeria open types and instances using visualisations in the Egeria React User Interface. Understanding the types is important knowledge when developing connectors and new APIs like OMAS’s. This session will also show how metadata instances can be explored at a low level. This will be contrasted with an exploration of semantic data that is based on the Subject Area Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS).

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