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Blue - Intermediate sessions

Making a contribution to Egeria - Step-by-Step

In this session, you will be guided on how to make a simple change to the Egeria project. This change is to add a new file to the egeria-dojo-postcards directory and link to it in the file of the same directory.

Making a contribution to Egeria

There are two videos for this session:

The Steps

To create your own contribution, click on each step and complete the tasks described:

(There is more information on licences in the Developer Guidelines.)

Once the PR is in place, GitHub will check the DCOs for you commits, and then run a full build on Java 8 and Java 11. The Egeria maintainers will review your contribution and may ask ask you to make changes to it. When it is acceptable, they will merge it into master and your contribution is complete.

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