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Writing Cohort Registry Store Connectors

The cohort registry store stores information about the repositories registered in the open metadata repository cohort.

Each server in the open metadata repository cohort has a cohort registry component to manage its registration with the cohort and maintain the contents of its local cohort registry store.

The following diagram shows a cohort with two members: notice that each server has its own cohort registry store - there is no central store.

Cohort registry stores within an open metadata repository cohort

The logical structure within the cohort registry store is as follows:

Internal structure for the information stored inside a single cohort registry store

There is one local registration record describing the information sent to the other members of the cohort and a list of remote registration records received from the other members of the cohort.

An implementations of this type of connector is located in the adapters/open-connectors/repository-services-connectors/cohort-registry-store-connectors module.

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