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Create data file

Create a data file, with the associated schema, columns, folder hierarchy and a connection. The schema is generated automatically, the columns according to the payload, the folder structure is based on the value of file.pathName and the connection, which also includes an endpoint, is based on the value of optional fields file.protocol and file.networkAddress

A csv file can be created by changing the value of field file.type from "DataFile" into "CSVFile"

More examples with all available properties for a data file can be found in the sample collection

POST {serverURLRoot}/servers/{serverName}/open-metadata/access-services/data-engine/users/{userId}/data-files

    "externalSourceName": "(organization)=Company::(project)=ExternalDataPlatform",
    "file" :{
        "type" : "DataFile", 
        "qualifiedName" : "(file)=DATAFILE.DAT",
        "displayName" : "dataFile.dat",
        "pathName" : "/home/files/dataFile.dat",
        "protocol" : "ftp",
        "networkAddress" : "localhost",
        "columns" : [ 
                "qualifiedName" : "(file)=DATAFILE.DAT::(column)=COLUMN-A",
                "displayName" : "column-a"
                "qualifiedName" : "(file)=DATAFILE.DAT::(column)=COLUMN-B",
                "displayName" : "column-b"

externalSourceName - qualifiedName of the external data engine tool. Note that you need to register the data engine tool with register-data-engine-tool before creating any process
GUIDResponse - response containing the data file GUID, with status and error message if failing
type - type of file to be created, either a DataFile or a CSVFile
pathName - file system location of the data file
protocol - used to create connection and endpoint
networkAddress - used to create connection and endpoint

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