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In development

A subsystem that is in development means that the Egeria community is still building the function. The code is added continuously in small pieces to help the review and socialization process. It may not run, or do something useful - it only promises not to break other function. There will be git issues describing the end state.

Governance Program Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS)

The Governance Program OMAS provides APIs and events for tools and applications focused on defining a data strategy, planning support for a regulation and/or developing a governance program for the data landscape.

It assumes an organization is operating an active governance program that is iteratively reviewed and developed.

It covers:

  • Understanding the business drivers and regulations that provide the motivation and direction to the governance program.

  • Laying down the governance policies (principles, obligations and approaches) that frame the governance program.

  • Planning and defining the governance controls that detail how these governance policies will be implemented in the organization, and enumerating the implications of these decisions and the expected outcomes.

  • Defining the organization's roles and responsibilities that will support the governance program.

  • Defining the classifications and governance zones that will organize the assets being governed.

  • Defining the subject areas that will organize the data-oriented definitions such as glossary terms, valid values and quality rules.

  • Reviewing the impact of the governance program.

  • adjusting governance definitions and metrics as necessary.

  • Reviewing the strategy, business and regulatory landscape.

  • adjusting the governance definitions and metrics as necessary.
  • The Community Profile OMAS supports the definition of the profiles for people and teams that will support the governance program. These are linked to the governance roles defined by the governance program.

  • The Project Management OMAS supports the rollout of the governance program by commissioning campaigns and projects to implement the governance controls and the collection of measurements to assess the success of the program.

  • The Digital Architecture OMAS provides the set up of the digital landscape that supports the governance program. This includes the definitions of the information supply chains and solution components that support the organization's activities.

  • The Digital Service OMAS documents the business capabilities along with their digital services that are supported by the governance program.

  • The Governance Engine OMAS supports the implementation of technical controls and the choreography of their execution.

  • The Stewardship Action OMAS supports the stewards as they manage the exceptions detected to the governance program.

  • The Data Privacy OMAS supports the operational aspects of managing privacy as part of the organization's activities.

  • The Subject Area OMAS supports the definitions of the vocabularies associated with a subject area.

  • The Data Manager OMAS support the automated cataloging of assets and configuration of technology that is managing them.

  • The Security Manager OMAS support the configuration of technology that is managing the security of assets.

  • The Security Officer OMAS support the definitions of users and groups and related definitions that make up the user directory.

  • The Asset Manager OMAS supports the automated exchange of governance definitions between catalogs and asset managers to create a consistent rollout of governance requirements.

  • The Asset Owner OMAS supports the linking of governance definitions and classifications to assets to define how they should be governed.

  • The Asset Consumer OMAS supports the visibility of the governance definitions and classification by consumers of the assets.

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