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0056 Asset Managers



The AssetManager classification represents a technology that manages metadata about assets and may also provide services to manage and/or govern the assets themselves (or at least track such actions). Data catalogs and other types of metadata catalogs are examples of asset managers.

Examples of asset managers

Amundsen , Marquez and Apache Atlas are examples of data catalogs, and therefore of asset managers.

An Egeria deployment using a metadata server and one or more integration daemons can also be enabled as an asset manager.

The AssetManager classification on a SoftwareServerCapability entity is used by the Asset Manager OMAS to represent the third party asset manager that it is exchanging metadata with.

Identities from this third party asset manager are linked to the AssetManager entity using the ExternalIdScope relationship.


The UserProfileManager classification describes a system that manages user profile information - such as a company directory.


The UserAccessManager classification describes a user directory such as LDAP.


A MasterDataManager classification describes a server that manages the rationalization of master data stored in many systems.

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