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0110 Actors

Actors are the people, teams or IT processes that drive activity in the digital landscape.


An ActorProfile describes an entity to store and link information about the actor in open metadata.


ContactDetails describe the mechanisms to contact an actor - this is typically linked to actor profiles for people and teams.


Most metadata repositories are run in a secure mode requiring incoming requests to include the requester’s security credentials. Therefore we have an identifier for each unique logged on security identity (aka userId). This identity is recorded in the header of the metadata elements when they are created or updated.

UserIdentity provides a structure for storing details about a particular userId. Initially we have a simple string for the userId - but this could be extended to include more sophisticated identification information.


ProfileIdentity links the ActorProfile to one or more UserIdentity entities. This allows the calling user's profile to be retrieved from the incoming userId. The attributes for ProfileIdentity help to pick the right UserIdentity when navigating from the ActorProfile to multiple UserIdentity entities:

  • roleTypeName: the type of role that the UserIdentity is used for.
  • roleGUID: the unique identifier of the specific role that the UserIdentity is used for.
  • description: a human readable description of the use of the UserIdentity by the actor.


The subtypes of ActorProfile add further information about actors:

  • Person for profiles describing individuals.
  • Team for profiles describing teams.
  • ITProfile for profiles describing specific IT processes and systems.
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