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0215 Software Components

DeployedSoftwareComponent describes a code asset that is deployed to implement a software capability. Each software component has a well defined interface describe by an APISchema that is linked to the DeployedSoftwareComponent by the AssetSchemaType relationship.

DeployedConnector represents specialist software component called a connector that provides pluggable access to third party technologies. These connectors implement the Open Connector Framework (OCF) interfaces.

EmbeddedProcess describes a processing element nested within a DeployedSoftwareComponent. The TransientEmbeddedProcess describes an EmbeddedProcess that runs only for a short period of time.

These variations are used to provide more information for lineage graphs.

ProcessHierarchy defines a parent-child relationship between processes, which can be used to define more abstract processes that are comprised of lower-level processes; helping to support navigating the process hierarchy.


More information

Use of these open metadata types

  • Egeria Developer Guide for more information on connectors and how to implement them.
  • Lineage describes the different types of lineage and how the open metadata types link together to form lineage graphs.
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