Open Metadata and Governance

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Open Connector Framework (OCF)

The OCF, as the name suggests, is an open framework for supporting connectors. Connectors support access to remote assets such as data sets, APIs and software components. OCF Connectors also provide access to metadata about the asset and they may call the Governance Action Framework (GAF) to execute appropriate governance actions related to the use of these assets in real-time.


There are a number of key components within the OCF:

Open Metadata Type Models

Java Implementation

The OCF provides the interface schema and base class implementation for these components. The Java implementation is located in packages org.odpi.openmetadata.ocf.*:

The ConnectedAsset OMAS supports the retrieval of connection and connected asset properties from the open metadata repository/repositories.

The AssetConsumer OMAS embeds the OCF to provide client-side support for connectors.

The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) makes extensive use of OCF connectors for accessing open metadata repository servers and other resources. These connectors are collectively called the OMRS Connectors.