public class RelationshipHandler extends Object
Relationship Handler supports the lookup of the asset's relationship from the repositories. It runs on the server-side of the Asset Catalog OMAS, fetches the relationships using the RepositoryHandler.
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    • RelationshipHandler

      public RelationshipHandler(String sourceName, InvalidParameterHandler invalidParameterHandler, RepositoryHandler repositoryHandler, OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper, OpenMetadataAPIGenericHandler<AssetCatalogBean> assetHandler, RepositoryErrorHandler errorHandler, ClockService clockService)
      Construct the handler information needed to interact with the repository services
      sourceName - name of the component
      invalidParameterHandler - handler for managing parameter errors
      repositoryHandler - manages calls to the repository services
      repositoryHelper - provides utilities for manipulating the repository services objects
      assetHandler - provides utilities for manipulating asset catalog objects using a generic handler
      errorHandler - provides common validation routines for the other handler classes
      clockService - clock service
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