Class AssetCatalogRelationshipRESTService


public class AssetCatalogRelationshipRESTService extends Object
The AssetCatalogRelationshipService provides the server-side implementation of the Asset Catalog Open Metadata Assess Service (OMAS). This service provide the functionality to fetch asset relationships and details about specific relationships.
  • Constructor Details

    • AssetCatalogRelationshipRESTService

      public AssetCatalogRelationshipRESTService()
  • Method Details

    • getRelationshipBetweenEntities

      public RelationshipResponse getRelationshipBetweenEntities(String serverName, String userId, String entity1GUID, String entity2GUID, String relationshipType)
      Fetch relationship between entities details based on its unique identifier of the ends
      serverName - unique identifier for requested server
      userId - String unique identifier for the user
      entity1GUID - Entity guid of the first end of the relationship
      entity2GUID - Entity guid of the second end of the relationship
      relationshipType - Type of the relationship
      the relationship between entities