Class ProcessContextHandler


public class ProcessContextHandler extends Object
The process context handler provides methods to build lineage context from processes.
  • Constructor Details

    • ProcessContextHandler

      public ProcessContextHandler(AssetContextHandler assetContextHandler, HandlerHelper handlerHelper, List<String> supportedZones)
      Construct the handler information needed to interact with the repository services
      assetContextHandler - the asset context handler
      handlerHelper - the helper handler
      supportedZones - configurable list of zones that Asset Lineage is allowed to retrieve Assets from
  • Method Details

    • buildProcessContext

      public<String,RelationshipsContext> buildProcessContext(String userId, EntityDetail process) throws OCFCheckedExceptionBase
      Retrieves the full context for a Process. This context contains the full description for the Port Implementations, SchemaTypes and Tabular Columns related to the process.
      userId - userId of user making request.
      process - the process entity for which the context is built
      Map of the relationships between the Entities that are relevant to a Process
      OCFCheckedExceptionBase - checked exception for reporting errors found when using OCF connectors