Class AssetLineageOMRSTopicListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
OMRSTopicListener, OMRSTopicRepositoryEventListener

public class AssetLineageOMRSTopicListener extends Object implements OMRSTopicListener
AssetLineageOMRSTopicListener received details of each OMRS event from the cohorts that the local server is connected to. It passes Lineage Entity events to the publisher.
  • Constructor Details

    • AssetLineageOMRSTopicListener

      public AssetLineageOMRSTopicListener(Converter converter, String serverName, AssetLineagePublisher publisher, AssetLineageTypesValidator assetLineageTypesValidator, AuditLog auditLog)
      The constructor is given the connection to the out topic for Asset Lineage OMAS along with classes for testing and manipulating instances.
      converter - The converter used for creating entities in Lineage Warehouse format
      serverName - name of this server instance
      publisher - instance of the asset-lineage topic publisher
      assetLineageTypesValidator - service for validating types
      auditLog - logging destination
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