Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.assetowner.client

package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.assetowner.client
These are the Java clients for the Asset Owner OMAS.
  • Classes
    AssetCertificationManager is the java client for managing certification types and the certification of elements.
    AssetLicenseManager is the java client for managing license types and the licensing of elements.
    AssetOwner provides the generic client-side interface for the Asset Owner Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS).
    AssetOwnerBaseClient supports the common properties and functions for the Community Profile OMAS.
    AssetOwnerEventClient provides the implementation to manage the interaction with the server to set up a listener to support the receipt of inbound events from the Asset Owner OMAS Out Topic.
    AvroFileAssetOwner provides specialist methods for working with Avro files.
    ConnectedAssetClient manages the retrieval of connections, and the creation of resource connectors used to access the content of data sources and services.
    CSVFileAssetOwner provides specialist methods for working with CSV files.
    ExternalReferenceManager is the java client for managing external references and their links to all types of governance definitions.
    FileSystemAssetOwner provides specialist methods for onboarding details of a file system and the files within it.
    OpenGovernanceClient provides an interface to the services that build, monitor and trigger governance actions.
    OpenIntegrationServiceClient provides an interface to the open integration service.
    OpenMetadataClientBase provides an interface to the open metadata store.
    SurveyAssetStoreClient provides a concrete implementation of the SurveyAssetStore for the Survey Action Framework (SAF).
    ValidValuesAssetOwner provides the API operations to create and maintain lists of valid value definitions grouped into a valid value set.