public class CreateCSVFileAssetSample extends Object
CreateCSVFileAssetSample creates a simple asset definition in the open metadata repositories for a file.
  • Constructor Details

    • CreateCSVFileAssetSample

      public CreateCSVFileAssetSample(String fileName, String serverName, String serverURLRoot, String clientUserId)
      Set up the parameters for the sample.
      fileName - name of the file
      serverName - server to call
      serverURLRoot - location of server
      clientUserId - userId to access the server
  • Method Details

    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      Main program that controls the operation of the sample. The parameters are passed space separated. The file name must be passed as parameter 1. The other parameters are used to override the sample's default values.
      args - 1. file name 2. server name, 3. URL root for the server, 4. client userId