Interface MyPersonalProfileInterface

  • public interface MyPersonalProfileInterface
    MyPersonalProfileInterface covers the management of a user's personal profile.
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      java.lang.String addMyContactMethod​(java.lang.String userId, ContactMethodType type, java.lang.String service, java.lang.String value)
      Add a new contact method to the requesting user's profile.
      void deleteMyContactMethod​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String contactMethodGUID, ContactMethodType type)
      Remove an obsolete contact method from the requesting user's profile.
      void deleteMyProfile​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
      Delete the profile for the requesting user.
      java.util.List<ContactMethodElement> getMyContactDetails​(java.lang.String userId)
      Return the list of contact methods for this user.
      long getMyKarmaPoints​(java.lang.String userId)
      Return the total karma points for this user.
      PersonalProfileUniverse getMyProfile​(java.lang.String userId)
      Return the profile for this user.
      void setUpMyProfile​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String qualifiedName, java.lang.String fullName, java.lang.String knownName, java.lang.String jobTitle, java.lang.String jobRoleDescription, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> additionalProperties)
      Create or update the profile for the requesting user.