Interface ToDoManagementInterface

  • public interface ToDoManagementInterface
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      java.lang.String createToDo​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String originatorGUID, java.lang.String assignToRoleGUID, java.util.List<java.lang.String> targetElementGUIDs, ToDoProperties properties)
      Create a new to do action and link it to the supplied role and targets (if applicable).
      void deleteToDo​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String toDoGUID)
      Delete an existing to do.
      java.util.List<ToDoElement> getActionsForElement​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String elementGUID, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Retrieve the to dos that are chained off of an element.
      java.util.List<ToDoElement> getAssignedActions​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String roleGUID, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Retrieve the to dos for a particular person role.
      ToDoElement getToDo​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String toDoGUID)
      Retrieve a to do by unique identifier.
      void updateToDo​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String toDoGUID, boolean isMergeUpdate, ToDoProperties toDoProperties)
      Update the properties associated with a To Do.