These beans describe the core properties that are passed to the server to create and update metadata.
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    The ActorProfileProperties describes the common properties of a Personal Profile, IT Profile and Team Profile.
    AdjacentLocationProperties describes the properties for the AdjacentLocation relationship between adjacent locations.
    ExternalSourceRequestBody carries the parameters for marking an asset or schema as external.
    AssetLocationProperties describes the properties for the AssetLocation relationship between an asset and a location.
    AssetProperties describes an asset.
    AssignmentScopeProperties provides a details of the scope of work/influence expected by the assigned actor(s).
    ClassificationProperties provides the base class for classification items.
    CollectionFolderProperties defines the properties used to create a Folder classification for a collection.
    CollectionMember describes a member of a collection.
    CollectionMemberStatus specifies the status of an element's membership in a collection.
    CollectionMemberStatus specifies the the status of the member in a collection.
    CollectionProperties describes the core properties of a collection.
    The CommentProperties bean stores information about a comment connected to an asset.
    CommunityForum is used to maintain the content for a community forum.
    CommunityForumContribution is used to add an entry to a community forum.
    CommunityMembershipProperties provides a details of the purpose (and privileges) of the membership role.
    CommunityMembershipType specifies the role of a member in the community.
    CommunityProperties describes the core properties of a community.
    ContactMethodProperties describes a single mechanism that can be used to contact an individual.
    The ContributionRecord holds the information about an individual's contribution to the open metadata ecosystem.
    DigitalLocationProperties carries the parameters for marking a location as a digital (cyber) location.
    ExternalReferenceProperties stores information about an link to an external resource that is relevant to a personal profile or a community.
    FixedLocationProperties carries the parameters for marking a location as a fixed physical location.
    GovernanceDefinitionProperties provides the base class for many of the definitions that define the data strategy and governance program.
    GovernanceDefinitionStatus indicates whether the definition is complete and operational or in a state that means it is either under development or obsolete.
    InformalTagProperties stores information about a tag connected to an asset.
    The LikeProperties properties object records a single user's "like" of an asset.
    LocationProperties is a class for representing a generic location.
    MetadataSourceProperties describe the properties for a capability that is supplying profile information to the Community Profile OMAS.
    NestedLocationProperties describes the properties for the NestedLocation relationship between locations.
    NewActionTarget identifies an element that a governance action service should process.
    NoteLogEntryProperties covers the entries in a community forum and personal notes since they are based on a note log.
    NoteLogHeaderProperties covers the properties that are common between a community forum and a persona note log.
    PersonalRoleProperties provides a structure for describe a role assigned to a person.
    PersonRoleProperties covers a role that has been defined in an organization.
    ProfileIdentityProperties describes the properties for the ProfileIdentity relationship between a profile and a user identity.
    ProfileLocationProperties describes the properties for the ProfileLocation relationship between a profile and a location.
    ProjectProperties describes a project.
    RatingProperties stores information about a rating connected to an asset.
    Many open metadata entities are referenceable.
    ReferenceValueAssignmentProperties is a java bean used to create a link between a valid value and a referenceable item to enable the valid value to be used as a semiformal tag/classifier.
    RelationshipProperties provides the base class for relationships items.
    ResourceListProperties provides a details of why an element providing resources (such as a community) has been attached to an initiative such as a governance domain.
    ResourceProperties provides a summary of a resource linked to a community or personal profile or something similar.
    SecureLocationProperties carries the parameters for marking a location as secure.
    SecurityGroupProperties defines a security group technical control.
    StakeholderProperties provides a details of a stakeholder for an initiative.
    The TeamProfileProperties describes an team of people.
    TemplateProperties defined the properties that can be overridden from the template object when creating an object from a template.
    The "To Do" describes an action - it may be assigned to a person role (see PersonRoleAction).
    UserIdentityProperties describes an element that is linked to a single userId.
    ValidValueAssignmentProperties describes the properties between a referenceable and its valid values.
    ValidValueMembershipProperties provides a flag to indicate if this value is the default value for the set.
    ValidValueProperties provides the common super class for ValidValueSet and ValidValueDefinition.
    WatchStatus specifies whether changes to assets in an asset collection should be passed as notifications to the actor who's profile is linked to the collection.