Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.dataengine.client

package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.dataengine.client
These are the Java clients for the Data Engine OMAS that can be used either by integration services or external engines that are using Egeria directly as their metadata management services.
  • Class
    ConnectedAssetClient manages the retrieval of connections, and the creation of resource connectors used to access the content of data sources and services.
    DataEngineClient provides the client-side interface for a data engine tool to create processes with ports, schemas and relationships.
    DataEngineEventClient implements Data Engine client side events interface using provided topic connector.
    The Data Engine Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS) provides an interface for data engine tools to create processes with ports, schemas and relationships.
    DataEngineRESTConfigurationClient provides an extension to the client-side REST interface for obtaining Data Engine access service configuration specifics.
    OpenMetadataClientBase provides an interface to the open metadata store.