Class DataEngineSchemaAttributeHandler


public class DataEngineSchemaAttributeHandler extends Object
DataEngineSchemaAttributeHandler manages schema attributes objects from the property server. It runs server-side in the DataEngine OMAS and creates and retrieves schema type entities through the OMRSRepositoryConnector.
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      public DataEngineSchemaAttributeHandler(String serviceName, String serverName, InvalidParameterHandler invalidParameterHandler, OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper, SchemaAttributeHandler<Attribute,SchemaType> schemaAttributeHandler, DataEngineRegistrationHandler dataEngineRegistrationHandler, DataEngineCommonHandler dataEngineCommonHandler)
      Construct the handler information needed to interact with the repository services
      serviceName - name of this service
      serverName - name of the local server
      invalidParameterHandler - handler for managing parameter errors
      repositoryHelper - provides utilities for manipulating the repository services objects
      dataEngineRegistrationHandler - provides calls for retrieving external data engine guid
      dataEngineCommonHandler - provides utilities for manipulating entities
      schemaAttributeHandler - handler for managing schema attributes in the metadata repositories
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