Class DataEngineInTopicListener

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public class DataEngineInTopicListener extends Object implements OpenMetadataTopicListener
The Data Engine in topic processor is listening events from external data engines about metadata changes. It will handle different types of events defined in Data Engine OMAS API module.
  • Constructor Details

    • DataEngineInTopicListener

      public DataEngineInTopicListener(AuditLog auditLog, DataEngineEventProcessor dataEngineEventProcessor)
      The constructor is given the connection to the out topic for Data Engine OMAS along with classes for testing and manipulating instances.
      auditLog - audit log
      dataEngineEventProcessor - the event processor for Data Engine OMAS
  • Method Details

    • processEvent

      public void processEvent(String dataEngineEvent)
      Method to pass an event received on topic.
      Specified by:
      processEvent in interface OpenMetadataTopicListener
      dataEngineEvent - inbound event