Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.datamanager.client

These are the Java clients for the Data Manager OMAS.
  • MetadataSourceClient enables the caller to create the Software Server Capability that represents the source, or owner, of the metadata. These sources are database manager, file managers and file owning applications.
  • DatabaseManagerClient enables the caller to describe databases, database schemas, database tables and database columns.
  • FilesAndFoldersClient enables the caller to describe files and the organizing folder structure around it.
  • EventBrokerClient enables the caller to define topics and event types from an event broker.
  • APIManagerClient enables the caller to define APIs that are supported by a server or API gateway.
  • ConnectionManagerClient enables the caller maintain connection information.
  • DataManagerEventClient enables the client to send and receive events from the Data Manager OMAS.