Class DataPrivacyOMRSTopicListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
OMRSTopicListener, OMRSTopicRepositoryEventListener

public class DataPrivacyOMRSTopicListener extends OMRSTopicListenerBase
DataPrivacyOMRSTopicListener received details of each OMRS event from the cohorts that the local server is connected to. It passes NEW_ENTITY_EVENTs to the publisher.
  • Constructor Details

    • DataPrivacyOMRSTopicListener

      public DataPrivacyOMRSTopicListener(Connection dataPrivacyOutTopic, OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper, OMRSRepositoryValidator repositoryValidator, String componentName, List<String> supportedZones, AuditLog auditLog) throws OMAGConfigurationErrorException
      The constructor is given the connection to the out topic for Asset Consumer OMAS along with classes for testing and manipulating instances.
      dataPrivacyOutTopic - connection to the out topic
      repositoryHelper - provides methods for working with metadata instances
      repositoryValidator - provides validation of metadata instance
      componentName - name of component
      supportedZones - list of zones covered by this instance of the access service.
      auditLog - log for errors and information messages
      OMAGConfigurationErrorException - problems creating the connector for the outTopic