Enum Class DigitalServiceImplementationStyle

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<DigitalServiceImplementationStyle>, Constable

public enum DigitalServiceImplementationStyle extends Enum<DigitalServiceImplementationStyle> implements Serializable
DigitalServiceImplementationStyle characterizes the implementation style of the digital service.
  • UNCLASSIFIED - The digital service implementation style is undefined.
  • API - The digital service provides one or more APIs. This means the consumers are going to be other digital services. Typically API services are data processors.
  • PERSONAL_APP - The digital service provides a user interface via a client application that is owned and installed by the end user. A mobile app for a smart phone or tablet is an example of this type of digital service. It means that the data subject and the end user is aligned.
  • BROWSER_APP - The digital service provides a user interface via a browser. There is no guarantee that the same user will access the service through a browser instance if the browser is on a shared machine.
  • LOCATION_APP - The digital service is installed at a specific location and is monitoring activity at the location and providing the service at that location. Some locations are closely aligned with individuals (such as in the home) and this needs to be taken into account with reviewing privacy and security requirements.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE_APP - The digital service is installed as part of some infrastructure (for example a vehicle, or a power-distribution grid) and it is monitoring and supporting the operation of that infrastructure. Some pieces of infrastructure are closely associated with an individual (such as a person's car) which may have implications for privacy and security.
  • DATA_FEED - The digital service continuously produces data that consumers can subscribe to.
  • DATA_SINK - The digital service is receiving and accumulating data from other digital services.
  • CLIENT_SERVER - The digital service provides a thick client tightly coupled with a backend server. Often these are standalone applications bought in as a package or home-grown.
  • OTHER - The digital service's implementation style is locally defined.