Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.digitalarchitecture.ffdc

package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.digitalarchitecture.ffdc
This package provides the first failure data capture support for the Digital Architecture OMAS module. This includes an error code enum, a base class for runtime exceptions, a base class for checked exceptions plus implementation of each specific exception. The error code enum (DigitalArchitectureErrorCode) has an entry for each unique situation where an exception is returned. Each entry defines:
  • A unique id for the error
  • An HTTP error code for rest calls
  • A unique message Id
  • Message text with place holders for specific values
  • A description of the cause of the error and system action as a result.
  • A description of how to correct the error (if known)
Each exception (whether a checked or runtime exception) has two constructors. The first constructor is used when a new error has been detected. The second constructor is used when another exception has been caught. This caught exception is passed on the constructor so it is effectively embedded in the OMAS exception. Both constructors take the values from the error code enum to define the cause and resolution.
  • Enum Classes
    The DigitalArchitectureAuditCode is used to define the message content for the OMRS Audit Log.
    The DigitalArchitectureErrorCode is used to define first failure data capture (FFDC) for errors that occur when working with the Digital Architecture OMAS Services.