This package defines the beans that implement the payload for the Discovery Engine OMAS events. These events keep a Discovery Server up to date with configuration for its hosted discovery engines. In the header of each event (see DiscoveryEngineEvent) is an event version number and an event type enum. The event version number indicates which version of the payload is in use. With the version number in place it is possible to change the payload over time and enable the consumer to adjust. The event type enum defines the type of event. Following the header are the common properties for all discovery engine events. This includes the unique identifiers of the discovery engine that has had a configuration change. Finally are the additional extensions for each type of event. For example, the discovery service configuration event has the unique identifiers for the discovery service registration relationship. Notice that the event payloads do not include the details of the configuration event. Just the identifiers of the affected elements. The client then uses the DiscoveryConfigurationServer interface to retrieve all of the configuration.
  • Class
    DiscoveryEngineConfigurationEvent is used to inform the discovery server that the configuration of one of its discovery engines has changed.
    DiscoveryEngineEvent provides a common base for all events from the access service.
    DiscoveryEngineEventType describes the different types of events produced by the Discovery Engine OMAS.
    DiscoveryServiceConfigurationEvent is used to inform a discovery server that the configuration of one of the discovery services within one of its discovery engines has changed.