Class DiscoveryEngineServicesInstance

public class DiscoveryEngineServicesInstance extends OMASServiceInstance
DiscoveryEngineServicesInstance caches references to OMRS objects for a specific server. It is also responsible for registering itself in the instance map. It is created by the admin class during server start up and
  • Constructor Details

    • DiscoveryEngineServicesInstance

      public DiscoveryEngineServicesInstance(OMRSRepositoryConnector repositoryConnector, List<String> supportedZones, List<String> defaultZones, List<String> publishZones, AuditLog auditLog, String localServerUserId, int maxPageSize) throws NewInstanceException
      Set up the local repository connector that will service the REST Calls.
      repositoryConnector - link to the repository responsible for servicing the REST calls.
      supportedZones - list of zones that DiscoveryEngine is allowed to serve Assets from.
      defaultZones - list of zones that DiscoveryEngine should set in all new Assets.
      publishZones - list of zones that discovery engine can use to make a discovery service visible.
      auditLog - logging destination
      localServerUserId - userId used for server initiated actions
      maxPageSize - max number of results to return on single request.
      NewInstanceException - a problem occurred during initialization