Class RelatedElementConverter<B>

public class RelatedElementConverter<B> extends ProjectManagementOMASConverter<B>
RelatedElementConverter generates a RelatedElement from a relationship and attached entity
  • Constructor Details

    • RelatedElementConverter

      public RelatedElementConverter(OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper, String serviceName, String serverName)
      repositoryHelper - helper object to parse entity
      serviceName - name of this component
      serverName - local server name
  • Method Details

    • getNewBean

      public B getNewBean(Class<B> beanClass, EntityDetail entity, Relationship relationship, String methodName) throws PropertyServerException
      Using the supplied instances, return a new instance of the bean. This is used for beans that contain a combination of the properties from an entity and that of a connected relationship.
      getNewBean in class OpenMetadataAPIGenericConverter<B>
      beanClass - name of the class to create
      entity - entity containing the properties
      relationship - relationship containing the properties
      methodName - calling method
      bean populated with properties from the instances supplied
      PropertyServerException - there is a problem instantiating the bean