Package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.stewardshipaction.api

package org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.stewardshipaction.api
This package provides the definition of the Java API for the Stewardship Action OMAS.
  • Class
    DuplicateManagementInterface defines the operations to manage the linking of elements that are duplicates of one another.
    StewardshipActionEventInterface defines how a client gets access to the events produced by the Stewardship Action OMAS
    StewardshipActionEventListener is the interface that a client implements to register to receive the events from the Stewardship Action OMAS.
    StewardshipActionInterface defines the client-side interface for the Stewardship Action OMAS.
    The SurveyReportInterface is used by the steward to review the survey reports associated with an asset.