This package defines the event payloads sent on the Stewardship Action OMAS's out topic. The event version number indicates which version of the payload is in use. With the version number in place it is possible to change the payload over time and enable the consumer to adjust. The event type enum defines the type of event. Following the header are the common properties for all asset events. This includes the latest version of the asset, its origin and the license associated with the Asset's metadata. Finally, are the specialist extensions for each type of event. New asset events include the creation time of the asset. Updated asset events include the update time and the original values of the asset (if available).
  • Class
    StewardshipActionEventType describes the different types of events produced by the Stewardship Action OMAS.
    StewardshipActionOutTopicEvent describes the structure of the events emitted by the Stewardship Action OMAS that are about assets.