Interface SubjectAreaRelationshipClient<L extends Relationship>

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public interface SubjectAreaRelationshipClient<L extends Relationship> extends SubjectAreaClient<L>
Client class for subject area relationships Relationship
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      List<L> find(String userId, FindRequest findRequest, boolean exactValue, boolean ignoreCase) throws UnsupportedOperationException
      Description copied from interface: SubjectAreaClient
      Request to find Glossary Artifacts of the type T.
      Specified by:
      find in interface SubjectAreaClient<L extends Relationship>
      userId - unique identifier for requesting user, under which the request is performed.
      findRequest - information Glossary Artifact for find calls.
      exactValue - should the result match exactly?
      ignoreCase - should the match be case insensitive?
      list Glossary Artifacts of the T type relevant in the findRequest information.
      UnsupportedOperationException - - this method is until not supported