Class SubjectAreaGraphHandler


public class SubjectAreaGraphHandler extends SubjectAreaHandler
The SubjectAreaRESTServicesInstance provides the org.odpi.openmetadata.accessservices.subjectarea.server-side implementation of the SubjectArea Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS). This interface provides glossary authoring interfaces for subject area experts.
  • Constructor Details

    • SubjectAreaGraphHandler

      public SubjectAreaGraphHandler(OpenMetadataAPIGenericHandler genericHandler, int maxPageSize)
      Construct the Subject Area Graph Handler needed to operate within a single server instance.
      genericHandler - generic handler
      maxPageSize - maximum page size
  • Method Details

    • getGraph

      public SubjectAreaOMASAPIResponse<Graph> getGraph(String userId, String guid, Date asOfTime, String nodeFilterStr, String relationshipFilterStr, StatusFilter statusFilter, Integer level)
      Get the graph of nodes and relationships radiating out from a node.

      Return the nodes and relationships that radiate out from the supplied node (identified by a GUID). The results are scoped by types of relationships, types of nodes and classifications as well as level.

      userId - userId under which the request is performed
      guid - the starting point of the query.
      nodeFilterStr - Comma separated list of node names to include in the query results. Null means include all entities found, irrespective of their type.
      relationshipFilterStr - comma separated list of relationship names to include in the query results. Null means include all relationships found, irrespective of their type.
      asOfTime - Requests a historical query of the relationships for the entity. Null means return the present values.
      statusFilter - By default only active instances are returned. Specify ALL to see all instance in any status.
      level - the number of the relationships (relationships) out from the starting node that the query will traverse to gather results. If not specified then it defaults to 3.
      A graph of nodeTypes.
      • UnrecognizedGUIDException the supplied guid was not recognised
      • UserNotAuthorizedException the requesting user is not authorized to issue this request.
      • MetadataServerUncontactableException not able to communicate with a Metadata respository service.
      • InvalidParameterException one of the parameters is null or invalid.
      • FunctionNotSupportedException Function not supported this indicates that a find was issued but the repository does not implement find functionality in some way.