public class RelationshipTypeMapper extends Object
Static mapping methods to map between the omas relationship Type and omrs relationship type.
  • Constructor Details

    • RelationshipTypeMapper

      public RelationshipTypeMapper()
  • Method Details

    • mapOMASRelationshipTypeToOMRSRelationshipTypeGuid

      public static String mapOMASRelationshipTypeToOMRSRelationshipTypeGuid(String operation, RelationshipType omasRelationshipType) throws InvalidParameterException
      Map omas RelationshipType to omrs relationship type guid. The omasRelationshipType is the type of node that is exposed in the omasRelationshipType API. The subject Area OMAS needs to convert the OMAS RelationshipType into a guid of an relationship type so it can be used to call omrs.
      operation - operation being attempted
      omasRelationshipType - omasRelationshipType this is the type of relationship that is exposed in the RelationshipType as part of the OMAS API.
      relationship Type guid.
      InvalidParameterException - Invalid parameter error found