Package org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.adminservices.configurationstore.encryptedfile

package org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.adminservices.configurationstore.encryptedfile
The encrypted file configuration store allows the storage of the entirety of configuration files as encrypted files. Internally the mechanisms use Google Tink, and currently only leverage a relatively secure local key storage technique (files and directories that are owner-accessible only, and cannot be exfiltrated as their names are randomly generated). In future this may be extended to use other capabilities of Tink like external KMS, etc.
  • Class
    The DocStoreErrorCode is used to define first failure data capture (FFDC) for errors that occur when working with the encrypted file based doc store.
    EncryptedFileBasedServerConfigStoreConnector is the OCF connector for the encrypted file based server configuration store.
    EncryptedFileBasedServerConfigStoreProvider is the OCF connector provider for the encrypted file based server configuration store.