Class QualifiedNamePeerDuplicateGovernanceActionConnector

All Implemented Interfaces:
AuditLoggingComponent, SecureConnectorExtension, VirtualConnectorExtension, GovernanceActionService

public class QualifiedNamePeerDuplicateGovernanceActionConnector extends RemediationGovernanceActionService
QualifiedNamePeerDuplicateGovernanceActionConnector checks the qualified name to determine the duplicates of the entity that is passed as an action target.
  • Constructor Details

    • QualifiedNamePeerDuplicateGovernanceActionConnector

      public QualifiedNamePeerDuplicateGovernanceActionConnector()
  • Method Details

    • start

      public void start() throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Indicates that the governance action service is completely configured and can begin processing.

      This is a standard method from the Open Connector Framework (OCF) so be sure to call super.start() at the start of your overriding version.

      start in class RemediationGovernanceActionService
      ConnectorCheckedException - there is a problem within the governance action service.