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public class ApacheKafkaIntegrationModule extends AtlasRegisteredIntegrationModuleBase
ApacheKafkaIntegrationModule maps Apache Kafka resources catalogued in Apache Atlas into the open metadata ecosystem.
  • Constructor Details

    • ApacheKafkaIntegrationModule

      public ApacheKafkaIntegrationModule(String connectorName, ConnectionProperties connectionProperties, AuditLog auditLog, CatalogIntegratorContext myContext, String targetRootURL, ApacheAtlasRESTConnector atlasClient, List<Connector> embeddedConnectors) throws UserNotAuthorizedException
      Constructor for the module is supplied with the runtime context in order to operate.
      connectorName - name of the connector (for messages)
      connectionProperties - connection properties used to start the connector
      auditLog - logging destination
      myContext - integration context
      targetRootURL - URL to connect to Apache Atlas
      atlasClient - client to connect to Apache Atlas
      embeddedConnectors - list of any embedded connectors (such as secrets connector and topic connector
      UserNotAuthorizedException - security problem
  • Method Details

    • refresh

      public void refresh() throws ConnectorCheckedException
      Requests that the connector does a comparison of the metadata in the third party technology and open metadata repositories. Refresh is called when the integration connector first starts and then at intervals defined in the connector's configuration as well as any external REST API calls to explicitly refresh the connector.
      ConnectorCheckedException - there is a problem with the connector. It is not able to refresh the metadata.
    • processEvent

      public void processEvent(AssetManagerOutTopicEvent event)
      Process an event that was published by the Asset Manager OMAS. The listener is only registered if metadata is flowing from the open metadata ecosystem to Apache Atlas.
      event - event object