Class OMAGServerConfigStoreConnectorBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
OMAGServerConfigStore, SecureConnectorExtension
Direct Known Subclasses:
EncryptedFileBasedServerConfigStoreConnector, FileBasedServerConfigStoreConnector

public abstract class OMAGServerConfigStoreConnectorBase extends ConnectorBase implements OMAGServerConfigStore
OMAGServerConfigStoreConnectorBase provides the base class for an OMAG Server's configuration document store. It defines the specific interface for this type of connector. A new connector instance is created for each OMAG Server configuration document that is to be retrieved or stored.
  • Field Details

    • serverName

      protected String serverName
  • Constructor Details

    • OMAGServerConfigStoreConnectorBase

      public OMAGServerConfigStoreConnectorBase()
  • Method Details

    • setServerName

      public void setServerName(String serverName)
      Set up the name of the server for this configuration document.
      Specified by:
      setServerName in interface OMAGServerConfigStore
      serverName - name of the server
    • getStoreName

      protected String getStoreName(String template, String... params)
      This method provides the ability to generate the name of the store based on a template and insert values. Typically this is to allow the server name to be embedded into the store name, but other values, such as the platform name may also be needed for some store implementations.
      template - this is the template with placeholders
      params - this is the list of parameters that can be embedded in the template if placeholders are present (no error results of the placeholders are not present.
      formatted string