Class SimpleGovernanceCatalogArchiveBuilder


public class SimpleGovernanceCatalogArchiveBuilder extends Object
SimpleEventCatalogArchiveBuilder provides governance metadata.
  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleGovernanceCatalogArchiveBuilder

      public SimpleGovernanceCatalogArchiveBuilder(String archiveName, String archiveRootName, List<OpenMetadataArchive> dependentArchives)
      Constructor pushes all archive header values to the superclass
      archiveName - name of the open metadata archive metadata collection.
      archiveRootName - non-spaced root name of the open metadata GUID map.
      dependentArchives - previously created archives that are needed for reference.
    • SimpleGovernanceCatalogArchiveBuilder

      public SimpleGovernanceCatalogArchiveBuilder(OMRSArchiveBuilder archiveBuilder, SimpleCatalogArchiveHelper archiveHelper)
      Construct the builder using a shared archive builder and helper. Used to create a combination archive.
      archiveBuilder - archive builder
      archiveHelper - archive helper
  • Method Details

    • fillBuilder

      public void fillBuilder()
      Fills the archive builder with all the elements for this catalog.
    • getOpenMetadataArchive

      public OpenMetadataArchive getOpenMetadataArchive()
      Returns the open metadata type archive containing all the elements for this catalog.
      populated open metadata archive object