Class DuplicateEntityIterator


public class DuplicateEntityIterator extends Object
DuplicateEntityIterator retrieves the list of entities that need to be processed for a specific entity. The first entity returned is the principle entity or its consolidated replacement. After that are the peer duplicates. Note: this class is not thread-safe - use only within a single-threaded request.
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    • getConsolidatedEntity

      public EntityDetail getConsolidatedEntity(String userId, EntityDetail startingEntity, String startingEntityTypeName, boolean forLineage, Date effectiveTime, String methodName) throws InvalidParameterException, UserNotAuthorizedException, PropertyServerException
      Return the entity at the other end of the requested relationship type. The assumption is that this is a 0..1 relationship so one entity (or null) is returned. If lots of relationships are found then the PropertyServerException is thrown.
      userId - user making the request
      startingEntity - starting entity
      startingEntityTypeName - starting entity's type name
      forLineage - the query is to support lineage retrieval
      effectiveTime - the time that the retrieved elements must be effective for (null for any time, new Date() for now)
      methodName - name of calling method
      retrieved entity or null
      InvalidParameterException - bad starting entity
      PropertyServerException - problem accessing the property server
      UserNotAuthorizedException - security access problem