Class RepositoryFindRelationshipsIterator


public class RepositoryFindRelationshipsIterator extends RepositoryIterator
RepositoryFindEntitiesIterator is an iterator class for iteratively retrieving relationships based on a search criteria. It is used where the caller needs to filter the results coming from the repository and may need to make more than one call to the repository in order to accumulate the number of requested results. Note this class is intended for a single request's use - it is not thread-safe.
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    • RepositoryFindRelationshipsIterator

      public RepositoryFindRelationshipsIterator(RepositoryHandler repositoryHandler, InvalidParameterHandler invalidParameterHandler, String userId, String relationshipTypeGUID, List<String> relationshipSubtypeGUIDs, SearchProperties searchProperties, List<InstanceStatus> limitResultsByStatus, Date asOfTime, String sequencingProperty, SequencingOrder sequencingOrder, int startingFrom, int pageSize, boolean forLineage, boolean forDuplicateProcessing, Date effectiveTime, String methodName) throws InvalidParameterException
      Constructor takes the parameters used to call the repository handler.
      repositoryHandler - interface to the open metadata repositories.
      invalidParameterHandler - invalid parameter handler
      userId - user making the request
      relationshipTypeGUID - String unique identifier for the relationship type of interest (null means any relationship type).
      relationshipSubtypeGUIDs - optional list of the unique identifiers (guids) for subtypes of the relationshipTypeGUID to include in the search results. Null means all subtypes.
      searchProperties - Optional list of relationship property conditions to match.
      limitResultsByStatus - By default, entities in all statuses are returned. However, it is possible to specify a list of statuses (eg ACTIVE) to restrict the results to. Null means all status values.
      asOfTime - Requests a historical query of the relationship. Null means return the present values.
      sequencingProperty - String name of the relationship property that is to be used to sequence the results. Null means do not sequence on a property name (see SequencingOrder).
      sequencingOrder - Enum defining how the results should be ordered.
      startingFrom - initial position in the stored list.
      pageSize - maximum number of definitions to return on this call.
      forLineage - the request is to support lineage retrieval this means entities with the Memento classification can be returned
      forDuplicateProcessing - the request is for duplicate processing and so must not deduplicate
      effectiveTime - the time that the retrieved elements must be effective for (null for any time, new Date() for now)
      methodName - name of calling method
      InvalidParameterException - when page size or start from parameters do not meet criteria
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