Class RepositoryIteratorForEntities

Direct Known Subclasses:
RepositoryEntitiesIterator, RepositoryFindEntitiesIterator, RepositoryRelatedEntitiesIterator, RepositorySelectedEntitiesIterator

public abstract class RepositoryIteratorForEntities extends RepositoryIterator
RepositoryIteratorForEntities is the shared interface of all repository helper iterators that retrieve entity details from the repository.
  • Field Details

    • entityTypeGUID

      protected final String entityTypeGUID
    • entityTypeName

      protected final String entityTypeName
    • sequencingPropertyName

      protected final String sequencingPropertyName
    • limitResultsByStatus

      protected final List<InstanceStatus> limitResultsByStatus
    • limitResultsByClassification

      protected final List<String> limitResultsByClassification
    • entitiesCache

      protected List<EntityDetail> entitiesCache
  • Constructor Details

    • RepositoryIteratorForEntities

      public RepositoryIteratorForEntities(RepositoryHandler repositoryHandler, InvalidParameterHandler invalidParameterHandler, String userId, String entityTypeGUID, String entityTypeName, String sequencingPropertyName, List<InstanceStatus> limitResultsByStatus, List<String> limitResultsByClassification, boolean forLineage, boolean forDuplicateProcessing, int startingFrom, int pageSize, Date effectiveTime, String methodName) throws InvalidParameterException
      Constructor takes the parameters used to call the repository handler.
      repositoryHandler - interface to the open metadata repositories.
      invalidParameterHandler - invalid parameter handler
      userId - user making the request
      entityTypeGUID - identifier for the type of entity to retrieve
      entityTypeName - name for the type of entity to retrieve
      sequencingPropertyName - name of property used to sequence the results - null means no sequencing
      limitResultsByStatus - only return elements that have the requested status (null means all statuses
      limitResultsByClassification - only return elements that have the requested classification(s)
      forLineage - the request is to support lineage retrieval this means entities with the Memento classification can be returned
      forDuplicateProcessing - the request is for duplicate processing and so must not deduplicate
      startingFrom - initial position in the stored list.
      pageSize - maximum number of definitions to return on this call.
      effectiveTime - the time that the retrieved elements must be effective for
      methodName - name of calling method
      InvalidParameterException - when page size or start from parameters do not meet criteria
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