Package org.odpi.openmetadata.conformance.ffdc.exception

package org.odpi.openmetadata.conformance.ffdc.exception
  • Exceptions
    AssertionFailureException is used when a test case fails an assertion.
    CaughtException is used when an unexpected exception occurs during a test.
    Conformance exception provides a base class for exceptions that indicate there is a failure in the conformance tests.
    ConformanceSuiteCheckedExceptionBase provides a checked exception for reporting errors found when using the Open Metadata Conformance Suite services.
    ConformanceSuiteRuntimeException is used for all logic errors detected by the Open Metadata Conformance Suite.
    The InvalidParameterException is thrown by the conformance suite when a parameter is null or an invalid value.
    The PropertyServerException is thrown by the conformance suite when it is not able to communicate with the property server.
    The UserNotAuthorizedException is thrown by the conformance suite when a userId passed on a request is not authorized to perform the requested action.