Class ConformanceServicesInstanceMap


public class ConformanceServicesInstanceMap extends Object
ConformanceServicesInstanceMap provides the mapping between server name and the Java instances of the active services for a server. The Java service instances for a server are defined by the configuration document. When the server is initialized the configuration document is read and the appropriate services are initialized. It is possible that multiple OMAG servers are initialized in a since JVM/process. The role of this class is to keep references to the service instances for each server so that when a request is made to a specific server, it can be routed to the appropriate service instance.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConformanceServicesInstanceMap

      public ConformanceServicesInstanceMap()
  • Method Details

    • setNewInstance

      public void setNewInstance(String serverName, ConformanceServicesInstance instance)
      Add a new server instance to the server map.
      serverName - name of the server
      instance - instance object
    • getInstance

      public ConformanceServicesInstance getInstance(String serverName)
      Return the instance for this server.
      serverName - name of the server
      OMRSRepositoryServicesInstance object
    • removeInstance

      public void removeInstance(String serverName)
      Remove the instance for this server.
      serverName - name of the server