Class TestClassificationHasSupportedEntities

public class TestClassificationHasSupportedEntities extends RepositoryConformanceTestCase
Test that all defined classifications can be linked to at least one of the supported entities.
  • Constructor Details

    • TestClassificationHasSupportedEntities

      public TestClassificationHasSupportedEntities(RepositoryConformanceWorkPad workPad, Map<String,EntityDef> entityDefs, ClassificationDef classificationDef)
      Typical constructor sets up superclass and discovered information needed for tests
      workPad - place for parameters and results
      entityDefs - list of valid entities
      classificationDef - list of valid classifications
  • Method Details

    • run

      protected void run() throws Exception
      Method implemented by the actual test case.
      Specified by:
      run in class OpenMetadataTestCase
      Exception - something went wrong with the test.
    • getSupportedEntityDefsForClassification

      public List<EntityDef> getSupportedEntityDefsForClassification()
      Return the list of supported entity types for this classification.
      list of entity defs