Class PerformanceSuiteOMRSTopicListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
OMRSTopicListener, OMRSTopicRepositoryEventListener

public class PerformanceSuiteOMRSTopicListener extends Object implements OMRSTopicListener
PerformanceSuiteOMRSTopicListener receives details of each OMRS event from the cohorts that the OMAG server running the Conformance suite is connected to. It validates the content the events receives to make sure the fields are filled out and are consistent with responses from the REST API.
  • Constructor Details

    • PerformanceSuiteOMRSTopicListener

      public PerformanceSuiteOMRSTopicListener(PerformanceWorkPad workPad)
      The constructor is given the properties and objects it needs to verify the contents of events received from the technology under test.
      workPad - source of configuration and place to store results.
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