Class ConformanceSuiteConnectorConsumer

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ConformanceSuiteConnectorConsumer extends Object implements OMRSConnectorConsumer
ConformanceSuiteConnectorConsumer receives connector objects for servers connected to the same cohort(s) as the conformance suite OMAG server. It is called by the enterprise connector manager. Its responsibility is to store the technology under test's connector in the work pad to allow the workbench to run the tests. Most tests are run by the workbench thread to free up the inbound event processing thread that this class is called on.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConformanceSuiteConnectorConsumer

      public ConformanceSuiteConnectorConsumer(RepositoryConformanceWorkPad workPad)
      Constructor is given information to scope the tests.
      workPad - place to add information received from the enterprise connector manager.
  • Method Details

    • setLocalConnector

      public void setLocalConnector(String metadataCollectionId, LocalOMRSRepositoryConnector localConnector)
      Pass the connector for the local repository to the connector consumer.
      Specified by:
      setLocalConnector in interface OMRSConnectorConsumer
      metadataCollectionId - Unique identifier for the metadata collection
      localConnector - OMRSRepositoryConnector object for the local repository.
    • addRemoteConnector

      public void addRemoteConnector(String metadataCollectionId, OMRSRepositoryConnector remoteConnector)
      Pass the connector to one of the remote repositories in the metadata repository cohort.
      Specified by:
      addRemoteConnector in interface OMRSConnectorConsumer
      metadataCollectionId - Unique identifier for the metadata collection
      remoteConnector - OMRSRepositoryConnector object providing access to the remote repository.
    • removeRemoteConnector

      public void removeRemoteConnector(String metadataCollectionId)
      Pass the metadata collection id for a repository that has just left the metadata repository cohort.
      Specified by:
      removeRemoteConnector in interface OMRSConnectorConsumer
      metadataCollectionId - identifier of the metadata collection that is no longer available.
    • disconnectAllConnectors

      public void disconnectAllConnectors()
      Call disconnect on all registered connectors and stop calling them. The OMRS is about to shutdown.
      Specified by:
      disconnectAllConnectors in interface OMRSConnectorConsumer