@RestController @RequestMapping("/servers/{serverName}/open-metadata/engine-services/asset-analysis/users/{userId}") public class AssetAnalysisResource extends Object
AssetAnalysisResource provides the server-side catcher for REST calls using Spring that validated Discovery Service implementations
  • Constructor Details

    • AssetAnalysisResource

      public AssetAnalysisResource()
  • Method Details

    • validateConnector

      @GetMapping(path="/validate-connector/{connectorProviderClassName}") public ConnectorReportResponse validateConnector(@PathVariable String serverName, @PathVariable String userId, @PathVariable String connectorProviderClassName)
      Validate the connector and return its connector type. The engine service does not need to be running in the integration daemon in order for this call to be successful. It only needs to be registered with the engine host.
      serverName - engine host server name
      userId - calling user
      connectorProviderClassName - name of a specific connector or null for all connectors
      connector type or InvalidParameterException the connector provider class name is not a valid connector fo this service UserNotAuthorizedException user not authorized to issue this request PropertyServerException there was a problem detected by the integration service